Theme-based lesson plans: SEASONS AND WEATHER

Monday, September 11, 2023

Seasons and weather is an interesting topic to investigate with children. You can for example organize trips with the children at the kindergarten and observe the changes in weather and nature around the year.

Inspiring and educating Rainbow activities for children

There are two types of trips you might take the children to routine trips and field trips.

Routine trips can take place weekly and may include going for a walk around the block or a visit to the nearby forest. Field trips are one-time events and may include a trip for example to the museum.

Both types of trips are fun for children but must be carefully planned and carried out to
ensure children's safety. Important is, that when moving outside the kindergarten area, educators pay extra attention to the children, there are enough adults and children can wear safety wests with a kindergarten's name and phone number.

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Trips are an excellent way for children to gain valuable learning experiences. During the trip, focus on the content children are learning about. For example, take notes about the weather conditions during each trip and observe how the weather is changing during the months.

The development of the children needs to be taken into consideration when you plan a trip and an activity.

There are also other ideas about what to do during trips. Take a preview of a lesson plan about Trips.

Why theme-based lessons?

Theme-based lessons make learning engaging and meaningful for children. By exploring a central theme, children can see how different subjects are connected, participate in hands-on activities, and develop their language, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.

Themes provide context for learning, allowing children to relate new information to their own experiences. This fosters motivation, active participation, and a deeper understanding of the subject matter, laying a strong foundation for future learning.

The Lessons are also connected to 5 learning areas and their objectives derived from the Finnish National Curriculum. However, the learning areas and objectives are often similar to other international curriculums and can easily be used in any Early Learning Center.

Happy learning!