Theme-based lesson plan: EMOTIONS

Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Theme emotions - is there anything more important than this?

It is vitally important that children learn about emotions. Emotions is a wide topic that can (and should) be handled with care from different angles: name emotions, where do different emotions rise from, how to deal with emotions, think of own actions and what emotions the actions can cause to others, and so on...

Children are different in how they show emotions and how they can cope with them. Some children scream and cry loudly because of frustration if they cannot put their socks on right - while others do not care if their socks are not on perfectly well and just continue life. Some children kick and shout because of anger if someone takes their toy without asking, while others might feel sad and shed a couple of tears. All children have their personal measurements of how strongly they feel about things and how they react and handle those feelings.

Being able to recognize own as well as other people's emotions, name emotions, and cope with emotions are extremely important skills when children start having friendships. Bonding with other children and playing nicely together requires multiple skills and emotional skills are one of them.

So please, take this topic with you and let children discover the world of emotions! With theme-based lesson plans, you can get ready for an emotion-packed adventure!

Example of an emotions theme-based lesson plan


1. Name your emotions

Lesson plans and goals

  • To promote emotional intelligence
  • To help to build better relationships
  • To build social and emotional skills
  • To support well-being and mental health
  • To help children to understand their emotions
  • To support children's self-regulation
  • To support children's problem-solving skills

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Why theme-based lessons?

Theme-based lessons make learning engaging and meaningful for children. By exploring a central theme, children can see how different subjects are connected, participate in hands-on activities, and develop their language, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.

Themes provide context for learning, allowing children to relate new information to their own experiences. This fosters motivation, active participation, and a deeper understanding of the subject matter, laying a strong foundation for future learning.

The Lessons are also connected to 5 learning areas and their objectives derived from the Finnish National Curriculum. However, the learning areas and objectives are often similar to other international curriculums and can easily be used in any Early Learning Center.

Get a lesson plan sample: Name Your Emotions

Happy (or angry, sad, exciting) learning!