Start the new term with new tools and improved practices

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Save time and money in your daily work and collaboration

The end of the year is a good time to stop and think about the current practices:

  • How can we free up the teachers’ time to get more time with the children?
  • How can we help parents remain involved in their children's care and learning - even while on the go?
  • How can we save money - but give more value?

Watch our video on how to do it with Kindiedays

Kindiedays Starter is your first step to support children's learning and engage families with a digital tool.

As a manager, you want to provide the best early education service you can, within the budget. A big impact can be gained by digitalizing communications and reporting in your center.

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With Kindiedays daily reports, teachers save time from writing manual reports. Teachers can share reports in one go about many children. Parents only read about their own child. Also, you no longer need communication booklets, saving money, and paper.

Teachers report about important learning moments with Kindiedays. And collect and share auto-generated portfolios of the children’s learning journeys.

With Kindiedays, communication between home and the daycare center is smooth and organized. Families engage with their child’s daily activities, care, and learning in real-time. Adding to their confidence in your center.

So why not offer smoother communication, real-time daily reports, and portfolios. Save the teachers’ time – and your money.

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