Global Quality Standard for Learning Solutions

Tuesday, November 23, 2021

All sorts of technological tools and digital learning materials are emerging in the field of early childhood education. For preschool owners, managers and teachers it might be a hard job to choose which tool or product is a useful one for our needs? Is it relevant? Is it worth it? Does it really improve learning?

Education Alliance Finland (EAF) does all the difficult questioning for you. Education Alliance Finland provides a product evaluation & certification service based on a global quality standard for learning solutions. EAF evaluates, tests, and gives feedback to EdTech Learning Solutions and digital learning materials. The best ones receive a certificate that shows that the product truly improves children's learning based on appropriate learning goals, the solution has a pedagogical approach and it is user friendly.

Evaluations and catalog of Certified EdTech products allow preschools to discover the best learning applications and materials (ebooks, apps, games, online courses, and more) fast and easy - facilitating evidence-based purchase decisions. Check the full list of certified products from here.

How are the Learning Solutions evaluated?

The learning impact evaluation is done using a science-based method that has been developed with university researchers in Finland, the global education leader.

The Standard allows for evaluating the strengths and development areas of the product through the assessment of three focus areas:

  1. Learning Goals
  2. Pedagogical Approach
  3. Usability

The good news is that also Kindiedays has gotten the certificate and is now part of the EAF family! Yay! This is how Education Alliance Finland describes Kindiedays on their website:

Kindiedays Pedagogical Management Solution for early education

Kindiedays supports the formative assessment of children’s individual learning paths in early education. Educators plan, implement, and follow children’s individual learning efficiently. Learning moments can be connected to preinstalled pedagogical objectives of the Finnish or another curriculum of choice. Families are engaged via e-portfolios. Automatic reports about children’s learning can be exported. Managers follow and develop the learning in the whole center based on data and guarantee that the pedagogy provided is of the highest quality.

Kindiedays helps educators, families, and children collaborate in all daily activities related to the learning and wellbeing of the children.

See how EAF assessed Kindiedays based on pedagogy, educational quality, and learning goals!

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