Me and my community

Wednesday, February 15, 2023

It is time to take a look at all the learning areas one by one. This week we focus on the third one, Me and my community!

Find out why this learning area is important for children's development and what learning objectives are included in this learning area.

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Learning about diversity and equality

Starting early childhood education is a big change for small children. Earlier in their life children have mostly been around familiar people and familiar traditions, but in preschool/kindergarten, children meet many new people and learn many new ways of doing things.

Therefore, according to Helsinki city curriculum, the purpose of ECEC is to develop the children’s abilities in understanding the diversity of their community and practice being a member of the community.

The world where we live is very rich, diverse, and multifarious. It is important that children learn to respect all cultures, heritages, diversities, abilities, and genders. All people are equal no matter what.

Me and my community learning area prepares children to act in their communities with diverse people. It also helps children to understand how their community has been in the past, and what it is going to look like in the future. Children can also ponder what kind of actions are good for our community and the world we live in. Also, media education and ethical thinking are part of this important learning area.

Learning objectives

Each Learning Area has its own objectives that work as a tool for educators' planning and assessment process. Below, you can find all the learning objectives (35) of the Me and my community learning area:

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Ethical thinking

  • I think about ethical questions
  • I practice reflecting on ethical questions that concern children
  • I discuss ethical questions with the group of children and the teacher
  • I take part in making the rules of the group


The presence of the local community

  • I discuss a current topic that concerns or interests me
  • I learn about the diversity of people, genders, and families
  • I learn about diversity in the local community
  • I understand that people are different but equal


Worldview education

  • I wonder things and ask questions
  • I learn about different cultural traditions
  • I learn about different worldviews
  • I learn about different religions (present in the group of children)
  • I have mutual respect for others


The future of the local community

  • I anticipate the future
  • I learn how we can influence a favorable future
  • I help to plan for the coming school term
  • I learn about diversity in the local community
  • I understand that people are different but equal

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The past of the local community

  • I talk about past events
  • I learn about the children and their personal histories
  • I learn about children’s and their guardians' cultural heritage
  • I learn about historical matters


Media education

  • I am familiar with different media
  • I experiment with producing media content playfully in safe environments
  • I learn to consider the contents and truthfulness of media related to children’s lives
  • I learn how to use media responsibly
  • I am active and express my thoughts
  • I process themes presented in the media (eg. through play, drawing, and drama)


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Happy learning!

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