What themes interest children?

Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Even though the world is changing and sad news from different countries run around in our heads - children must have the possibility to remain children and think of topics that interest, amaze and wow them.

It is magical how children live in a bubble that is filled with imaginary friends, sweet fairytales and beloved stuffed animals. Children are naturally curious and they long for new information! Children are excited to learn new words, test new skills and hear unheard stories. Let's protect this childhood bubble as long as we can and offer children activities and information of topics that interest and inspire them to the fullest!

A good way to teach children and keep them interested is to use themes. One theme can last for example for one week and you can plan all sorts of activities based on that specific theme. If a topic loses interest, or on the contrary - all children get super into it - be flexible and sensitive with the schedule.

How to find out what themes interest children?

1. DISCUSS. Sometimes children tell this to you if you just ask  "George, what do you like to play with the most?" -Dinosaur!

2. OBSERVE. Sometimes, you need to observe the child for a while and you'll find out! As George just always plays with his dinosaur, sleeps in a dinosaur pyjama and so on... - The answer is quite obvious. At times - when a child is not obsessed with one certain topic - you might have to observe the child a bit longer in a different situations and make notes of toys he plays with, books he chooses and topics he talks about.

3. INTRODUCE. In case the child does not have a certain interest or he doesn't know what he would like to play with, it is ok to introduce something new to him! Ask if he would like to play with rockets, dolls or animals? Offer 2-3 options for the child to choose from.

And of course children want to hear and learn about new themes every once in a while. As you go through every child's favorite topic in a kindergarten or preschool group over the year, children surely get new experiences too.

Below is a little list of different themes that might be a hit with your children - and if not, look around for inspiring activities and lesson plans from other themes. Behind the following links you can find some craft, STEM, letter, math and art activities from different sites.



It would be nice for children to get to choose some learning themes each month. Children surely enjoy and feel important when "their theme" comes up and everyone gets to learn more about it.

Happy learning!

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