What is Kindiedays made of?

Tuesday, March 28, 2023


Everyone must know the good old nursery rhyme:

What are little boys made of? Frogs, snails, and puppy dog tails. What are little girls made of? Sugar, spice, and everything nice.

I thought to update this rhyme to:

What is Kindiedays made of? Planning, playing, and collaborating. What more is Kindiedays made of? Managing, messaging, and photo shooting.

You see, Kindiedays is not only pink or blue, but it represents all the colors, as it has so many qualities and features in it!

A kindergarten, preschool, or any early childhood education center can cope very well with Kindiedays as it has all the needed facilities included. Kindiedays consists of three apps: Kindiedays Educator, Kindiedays Family, and Kindiedays Manager, so there really is something for everyone connected with early childhood education.


Kindiedays is made of...


1. Planning

  • You can include a curriculum of your choice in the Kindiedays App (for example Finnish or EYFS) → makes planning much easier!
  • Learning areas and learning objectives of the curriculum are inserted in the Kindiedays App → makes planning much easier!
  • You can get ready-made Lesson Plans from Kindiedays that connect with the curriculum → makes planning much easier!


2. Pedagogical documentation

  • Take a photo of a child participating in an activity/playing/climbing...
  • Add learning area + learning objective(s) to the post
  • Add your own notes, child's comments, or other info related to the learning moment
  • Save and post on the child's profile
  • Share with families in real-time and discuss the day upon pick-up time
  • Collect all meaningful learning moments on the child's digital portfolio


3. Assessment

  • Assessing and following every child's learning and development is efficient
  • Managers and educators can get visible data on each child's or group's learning
  • Takes planning, assessing, and teaching to the next level


Kindiedays strongly supports children's holistic learning. That is why points 1, 2, and 3 focus on children's learning only. Planning, pedagogical documentation, and assessment all play an important role in learning - all have their own vital part in it.

Continue reading and see what other three things is Kindiedays made of!



4. Collaboration

  • You can message families and colleagues easily via Kindiedays Apps
  • You can send either private messages or group messages
  • Info on a child's profile + learning journal is visible to both educators and family → collaboration, cooperation, and sharing of information is visible and real-time


5. Management

  • Follow children's absence/presence in the center
  • Children's personal info gathered in one place behind secured passwords
  • Families' contact information gathered in one place behind secured passwords, easy access
  • Photo gallery, videos, children's digital portfolios - all available and manageable in Kindiedays


6. Benefits

  • Gives you an overview of a single child's or a whole group's or even an entire center's learning
  • Effective tool for pedagogical documentation
  • Easy to reflect on past events, who otherwise remember how did we start the school year in August?
  • Makes learning visible
  • Makes collaboration with families simple and fruitful


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Happy Kindiedays-ing!

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