Time to assess 2023 and plan for 2024

Sunday, January 14, 2024

It is the beginning of Spring term 2024, and therefore an excellent time to assess how the past term and year 2023 have been in terms of early childhood education.

Assessing the teaching methods and the accomplished learning targets is very important because the gained information guides you forward during 2024. Pedagogical assessment aims to develop early childhood education and promote children's learning.

How to assess children's learning with technology?


How to assess? What to assess?

There are multiple subjects and angles in early childhood education settings that you can and should assess. Go through these topics by yourself, or even better - with your team. Discuss the questions below and reflect on the past year. Based on the findings from here, it is good to write down some basic guidelines for 2024.

If and when you find something to improve or process more, mark it down to your notes and include it in future planning.

+ If and when you find something to be proud and happy of, make sure to rejoice and thank your teammates for all the good work. Continue the same way!


  • Interaction between educators - children - families

How do educators talk to children? Do children get heard? Do educators take children's ideas and thoughts into account? Can educators notice children's initiatives (verbal and nonverbal) in everyday situations? Is there two-way interaction or do educators talk and decide mostly?

How about the interaction between educators, is it positive, encouraging, and supportive? Do educators give positive and constructive feedback to each other? Are educators familiar with each other?

How do educators interact with families? What kind of channels there are to stay in touch with the families? How can educators share glimpses of the child's day?


  • Group atmosphere

Do educators and children have fun together? Do children and educators know each other well? Do children get anxious or restless at some point in the day? Are children and educators aware of group rules? Are the days peaceful or hectic?


  • The child's individual learning plan

Do all the children have their individual learning plans? Do the children's needs, strengths, wishes, and interests show in planning and weekly activities?


  • Pedagogical ways of working

Do educators divide children into small groups whenever possible? Is play present in the activities daily? Are children's ideas and interests visible in activities? Are all the areas of learning present in weekly activities? Are there various ways of working? Are there diverse learning environments? Do educators use pedagogical documentation?


  • Content of the activities

Do the offered activities reflect the children's needs, interests, and wishes? Are there activities from different learning areas? Are the learning targets of activities well-planned? Can educators justify the chosen activities pedagogically?

Quality Lesson Planning


  • Functionality of learning areas

What type of learning areas are available for children? Can children modify the learning areas during play? Are there "open-ended" materials for children to use in play? Are the learning areas separated so that each small group can focus on their play properly?


Create a Group Learning Plan

Create an Individual Learning Plan for each child


Happy learning, assessing & planning in 2024!