Theme-based lesson plans: UNDER THE SEA

Sunday, November 5, 2023

Say hello to Under the Sea adventures! Water element and the world under the sea is interesting already by itself. Now we throw literacy to swim with the fish! See how literacy meets the wonders of the ocean.

Through Kindiedays' theme-based activities, children will dive into the world of letters, words, and imagination, all inspired by the enchanting creatures that inhabit the deep blue sea.

Theme-based lesson plans

Theme-based lessons make learning engaging and meaningful for children. By exploring a central theme, children can see how different subjects are connected, participate in hands-on activities, and develop their language, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.

See an introduction video to lesson plans

Themes provide context for learning, allowing children to relate new information to their own experiences. This fosters motivation, active participation, and a deeper understanding of the subject matter, laying a strong foundation for future learning.

The Lessons are also connected to 5 learning areas and their objectives derived from the Finnish National Curriculum. However, the learning areas and objectives are often similar to other international curriculums and can easily be used in any Early Learning Center.

Get a 'fishy' lesson plan sample from here

Under the Sea-themed lesson plans focus on:


  • Encouraging language development by exposing children to new vocabulary related to sea creatures and their environment.
  • Providing opportunities for sensory play and exploration can help with brain development and creativity.
  • Building fine motor skills through activities such as manipulating the fish with their fingers or connecting the fish pieces to create letters.
  • Developing letter recognition and letter-sound association skills in a fun and engaging way.
  • Fostering social skills as children interact with each other and collaborate on the activities.
  • Promoting a love of learning and can help children develop a positive attitude towards literacy.


The full Under the Sea lesson plan package contains 10 different lesson plans that have been planned by a passionate Early Education Specialist Stella Giota.

You can get a free lesson plan sample related to the Under the Sea theme from here. The lesson plan is about fishy letters in a ziplock bag. Sounds pretty funny and interesting, right?

See here how to run the lesson, what materials are needed, which areas of learning are in focus, and how to prepare for the lesson. The only thing left to do is gather the children, start learning, and have fun!

Happy - and fishy - learning!