Theme-based lesson plans: COMMUNITY HELPERS

Sunday, October 1, 2023

Around the theme of community helpers children will deepen their understanding of the various remarkable individuals who contribute to our community.

These activities are designed to promote engagement, critical thinking, and
knowledge retention among the children. Connecting learning to real-life contexts
aims to foster a sense of appreciation and respect for the community helpers who
play vital roles in our everyday lives.

Community helpers are for example: firefighters, lawyers, doctors, mail carriers, nurses, librarians, pilots, bakers, dentists, police officers, construction workers, bus drivers, volunteers, farmers, and teachers.

Get a preview of a lesson plan related to COMMUNITY HELPERS here

Lesson focus and goals

  • Awareness of the local community
  • It promotes a sense of safety and belonging in the community
  • It promotes making safe choices (learning how to ask for help & who they ask)
  • Develop communication & language skills
  • It encourages engagement in their own community
  • They learn the importance of being helpful while understanding that they
  • It sparks interest in future career choices (the ability to think of different uses for many objects)

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Community helpers' lesson plan

This lesson plan is easy and fun to organize. Choose some community workers that interest the children in the group. Or on the other hand, choose some that you would like to introduce to the group.

After that, all you need to do is print those pictures out and laminate them. Read more from the lesson plan sample here!

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Happy learning!