Play ideas for children aged 0-2 years

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Even though children need to remain home due to coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, it does not mean they can’t have fun and continue to learn at the same time.

Here are some indoor play ideas recommended by UNICEF. Take a look and enjoy play with children! Expand children's knowledge and world - even when physical space or amount of social contacts is restricted.

How do we know children learn?

The body game
Name your baby’s body parts and point to them to help teach her their names. “Where is baby’s nose? There it is!” You can point to your own as well to help her make the connection between the two: “Where is mommy’s nose? Here it is!”

Free draw
Give your baby some crayons and paper and let him draw away! This will allow your child to unleash his creativity and enjoy independent, creative play. When he’s done, talk to him about the different colours he used.

Box car
Find an empty box/carton and place your child in it safely with some soft blankets to keep her comfortable. Then, pull the box around while making car noises: “vroom vroom!” She will have fun zipping around the house in her new go mobile (and you’ll get some exercise, too!). If space is limited, you can still have the same effect by moving the box from side to side and making noises together.

See and say
Point to different things around the house while naming and describing them. “See the cat? That’s an orange cat.” This will help to build his language skills while strengthening your bond.

All you need to play this game is your hands and a sweet voice. Sit with your baby, raise your hands (or a piece of cloth) to cover your face, then remove them and say “peek-a-boo!” Your little one will delight at watching you disappear and reappear. As your baby gets older, she will start playing back with you.

Ball pass
Grab a soft ball and roll it back and forth with your toddler. This back-and-forth play is great for confidence building and teaches her that you will respond to her actions. To make it even more fun, try adding in another ball and talk to her about the one she chooses.

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