Making a Flying Start for the New Term – A Guide for Preschool Owners and Center Heads

Tuesday, July 9, 2024

Starting a new term as a preschool owner or center head is not just about welcoming new faces; it’s about setting the tone for success and innovation throughout the year. Staying ahead is crucial with the ongoing changes in educational expectations and the increasing demand for high-quality early learning experiences. Here’s how you can leverage the Kindiedays Pro program to make a flying start this term, ensuring your preschool meets and exceeds educational standards.

1. Refresh Your Curriculum with Playful Learning

Embrace Holistic Development: Start the term by integrating holistic and playful learning methods into your curriculum. Kindiedays Pro offers thematic, Finnish-inspired learning materials designed to foster creativity, curiosity, and critical thinking among young learners. These materials make learning enjoyable and engaging, helping to spark a love for learning right from the start.

💡 Action Tip: Review the learning themes available through Kindiedays Pro and select those that align best with your educational goals for the term. Plan a curriculum alternating between different themes to keep the content dynamic and engaging.

2. Empower Your Teachers with Professional Development

Invest in Continuous Learning: Continuous professional development is essential for effectively implementing new teaching methods and technologies. Kindiedays Pro’s interactive online workshops are tailored to help educators master Finnish pedagogical approaches and integrate them into daily teaching practices.

💡 Action Tip: Schedule regular training sessions for your staff throughout the term. Utilize the beginning of the term to hold intensive workshops so teachers feel prepared and confident to implement the new curriculum.

3. Streamline Operations with Digital Tools

Enhance Efficiency and Parent Communication: Utilize the digital tools provided by Kindiedays Pro to streamline administrative tasks and enhance communication with parents. These tools save valuable time and improve transparency, which is crucial for building trust with parents.

💡 Action Tip: Implement digital tools for daily operations such as attendance tracking, performance monitoring, and parent-teacher communication right from the first day of the term. Ensure all staff are trained and comfortable with these tools.

4. Engage the Parent Community

Build Strong Relationships: Parents' involvement in their children’s education significantly enhances the learning experience. Kindiedays Pro’s platforms keep parents informed and engaged through regular updates, newsletters, and interactive portals that show their child’s progress and school activities.

💡 Action Tip: Organize a ‘Welcome Day’ for parents and students at the start of the term. Use this opportunity to showcase the digital tools and communication platforms you will be using. Demonstrate how parents can access and use these platforms to track their child’s progress.

5. Set Clear Goals and Monitor Progress

Focus on Continuous Improvement: At the start of the term, set clear, measurable goals for your preschool. These should include educational outcomes, staff performance metrics, and parent satisfaction. Regularly monitor these metrics using Kindiedays Pro’s assessment tools to ensure that your preschool is on track to meet its goals.

💡 Action Tip: Establish a monthly review process to assess progress toward the set goals. Based on real-time data and feedback, adjust teaching methods, training, and parent engagement strategies as needed.

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