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Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Children learn something new every day, but how about us teachers? When have you taken some time for your own learning, new ideas, and exciting inspiration?

Here is a list of books that are worth reading for everyone working in the field of early childhood education! Every educator around the world can take a look at these tips and hopefully find something interesting!

Playful learning in early childhood education in Finland

Pirkko Karvonen 2022

"This book is intended for all persons working with children aged 0-7 years and who do the vital work, for instance, in Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) centres, kindergartens, nurseries or schools. This book is also an excellent tool for training ECEC teachers.

The focus of the book is to describe early childhood education and care in Finland from a theoretical and practical perspective. The book contains over 100 practical and playful activities for children under seven years of age. The authors give concrete examples and ideas for how to implement activities with children to learn through play.

The book is based on the Finnish pedagogical practices, scientific research, and development projects from ECEC and is also based on Finnish National Core Curriculum for ECEC."

- Otava Publishing house

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The Giant Encyclopedia of Lesson Plans for Children

Kathy Charner, Maureen Murphy & Charlie Clark

"Written and created by teachers, The GIANT Encyclopedia of Lesson Plans has more than 250 complete lesson plans, covering topics from colors and numbers to seasons and nursery rhymes.

Each lesson plan is complete with learning objectives, a circle or group time activity, book suggestions, snack ideas, five learning center activities, assessment strategies, and related songs, poems, and fingerplays.

With easy-to-use lesson plans for more than an entire school year, this book belongs on every teacher's bookshelf!"

- Gryphon publishing house

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The Whole-Brain Child: 12 Revolutionary Strategies to Nurture Your Child’s Developing Mind

Daniel J. Siegel & Tina Payne Bryson

"A toddler throws a tantrum in the middle of a store. A preschooler refuses to get dressed. Do children conspire to make adults’ lives endlessly challenging? No-it’s just their developing brain calling the shots!

In this pioneering, practical book, Daniel J. Siegel, neuropsychiatrist and author of the bestselling book Mindsight, and parenting expert Tina Payne Bryson demystify the meltdowns and aggravation, explaining the new science of how a child’s brain is wired and how it matures.

The “upstairs brain,” which makes decisions and balances emotions, is under construction until the mid-twenties. And especially in young children, the right brain and its emotions tend to rule over the logic of the left brain. No wonder kids can seem-and feel-so out of control.

By applying these discoveries, you can turn any outburst, argument, or fear into a chance to integrate your child’s brain and foster vital growth. Raise calmer, happier children using twelve key strategies."

- Dr. Daniel Siegel

 → Download the Whole-Brain Child how-to-react sheet  

A note to child's caregivers about how to handle behavioral challenges 

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Effective Practices in Early Childhood Education: Building a Foundation

Sue Bredekamp

"Provide the building blocks for understanding effective practices in early childhood education!

Inspired by her own classroom experiences, Sue Bredekamp designed Effective Practices in Early Childhood Education: Building a Foundation to empower a new generation of teachers who can make a difference in children’s lives.
An entire chapter introduces readers to developmentally appropriate practices (DAP) for early childhood education. Subsequent chapters are organized according to the NAEYC guidelines, which Bredekamp has co-authored for over 30 years.
Building on the DAP framework, Bredekamp focuses on three themes that are essential to quality teaching: intentional teaching, developmentally appropriate curriculum, and evidence-based, effective practices.
Also, an expanded discussions of ways to support and protect the role of play in children’s education, a completely revised chapter on STEM teaching and learning, and a great focus on culturally responsive curriculum keep readers up to date on the dynamic field of early education."
→ Check out the preface of the book
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Young Investigators: The Project Approach in the Early Years

Judy Harris Helm & Lilian G. Katz

"Young Investigators provides an introduction to the project approach learning with step-by-step guidance for conducting meaningful investigations with young children.

The book also shows teachers how to use standards in the topic selection process and identifies activities and experiences that will help children grasp key concepts and skills. Throughout the text, readers listen to teachers’ concerns, witness how they find solutions to challenges, and experience how excited children become during project work.

This book is appropriate for those new to using the Project Approach, as well as for teachers who already have experience with implementing the Project Approach.

Book features include for example: examples of projects from child care centers, instructions for incorporating standards and STEM skills into project work, a variety of experiences to help children connect to the natural world and toddler projects that reflect knowledge from recent mind/brain research."

- Google books

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Ps. In case my book pics did not get you inspired, here is still a link to the 40 best books on early childhood education!

Happy learning!