Kindiedays Partner with eduTinker

Monday, January 29, 2024

We're excited to share the big news. Kindiedays has partnered with eduTinker to offer new Admission and Fee management solutions, making preschool operations smoother than ever. 

Complementing Pedagogy with Management

Recognizing the evolving needs of private preschools, we understand that successful education goes beyond pedagogy. It encompasses efficient administrative processes, ensuring a user-friendly experience for both preschools and parents. Hence, our partnership with eduTinker marks a significant milestone, allowing us to offer complementary solutions for Admission and Fee management.

What's New

Check out our Admissions and Fees page for a quick overview.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Easy Admissions: Simplify the enrolment process for parents and administrators with user-friendly digital tools.
  • Effortless Fee Management: From invoicing to payment tracking, our solutions ensure a hassle-free experience for preschools and parents.



This collaboration enhances our commitment to empower private preschools to create a high-quality learning environment:

  • User-friendly Admission and Fee Management
  • Pedagogical Management Solution to Support Learning
  • Lesson Plans based on playful learning
  • Interactive Online Workshops for Teachers
  • A complete program Kindiedays Pro to Renew the Preschool

Benefit from world-leading research and practices from Finland, to create the best learning environment for your children's development and holistic growth.

Check out the enhanced possibilities and let’s continue this journey together.

Team Kindiedays

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