How to renew your preschool?

Thursday, August 3, 2023

When you start a new preschool or the new term starts, it is good to stop and evaluate where you stand and what should be done next.

Early childhood education should be the start of lifelong learning. But educators are tied up with old ways of working. They cannot be the champions they deserve to be. Parents feel locked out from their child's learning journey. Many childcare centers are also in a competitive market and want to provide the best education and care. A major change is required to respond to the need for quality education.

You must take the lead and make it happen in your preschool!

A successful Early Education Center has 3 guiding principles:

  • Support children's learning
  • Engage families
  • Secure success for the preschool

You should reimagine how the goals can be achieved by working smarter - not harder - and with the help of new technology.

It is actually straightforward

Children's learning should be organized like this

  1. Use your curriculum to define the learning areas and objectives.
  2. Plan the lessons to match the objectives, taking children's interests into account.
  3. Observe and document the learning moments and engage families.
  4. Assess and reflect on the learning and plan future learning.



Teaching activities must be goal-oriented and organized in a purposeful manner

The goals should be defined with the child’s learning process in focus. You can start from your national curriculum, and define your own goals, or Kindiedays can provide learning objectives derived from the Finnish curriculum. In the Finnish pedagogical approach, the children learn through play and a variety of playful activities planned by the teachers in advance.

Kindiedays Themes-based Lesson Plan Package is designed to guide and support educators to provide lessons based on experiential learning. Lesson Plans are divided into 3 Levels so that educators can select the right level for the children. Each Lesson Plan is carefully planned to match the objectives outlined in the Finnish National Curriculum for Early Childhood and Care. However, the learning areas and objectives are often similar to other international curriculums and can easily be used in any Early Learning Center.  Download your free sample here.

Observe, assess, and develop the learning

The actual learning happens throughout the day and the teacher’s role is to support and observe the child in real-time. These authentic observations are complemented with the child’s comments and collected into what is called portfolio-based learning or pedagogical documentation. The documentation is used for following the child’s learning path, further planning the learning, and sharing with the parents.

It goes without saying that this requires a well-thought-out work process and a digital solution utilizing the smartphones or tablets in the hands of the teacher. Everything must work in a smooth and user-friendly way. Not steal attention from the child’s learning.

A full-fledged digital solution should provide this

As a starting point, you must store your curriculum digitally and have it available on the smartphone or tablet in all the learning moments. To run the daily learning process and the pedagogical documentation in a smart and efficient way the requirements are:

  • A quick way to document and share the children’s individual learning authentically and in real time.
  • Automatically collected Child Portfolios for smooth engagement of the parents in the child’s learning.
  • Automatically collected Learning Progress Reports for assessment.

Watch for example our video showing how the children’s learning process and pedagogical documentation are supported with the Kindiedays. 

Find the right solution to support learning

If you already have a full set of learning objectives and your own lesson plans, Kindiedays Portfolio is a highly flexible solution for implementing a complete high-class learning process. Inspired by best Finnish practices, portfolio learning, and formative assessment.

Kindiedays Premium is a preconfigured version of Kindiedays Portfolio for setting up a "Finnish style" preschool for playful learning. It includes a holistic set of learning objectives derived from the Finnish national curriculum. It also has a versatile package of lesson plans to match the learning objectives. Just add teachers and children and start working like a Finnish pro.

What other features should be part of the solution?

The digital solution should also support the daily routines between educators, children, and families such as:

  • Run communication between educators and families in a secure channel.
  • Record attendance and utilize versatile attendance statistics.
  • Daily reports of meals, naps, toileting, and more.

All information should be stored digitally behind a secure log-in and made available in real-time on PCs, smartphones, and tablets.

A final piece of advice

Technology such as Kindiedays Digital Solutions should be the tool supporting the goals and learning processes of your center. The digital solution has a strong role as the backbone of the children’s learning process. It is a strategic choice and will in many ways form the foundation for all the work between teachers, children, and parents in your center. Our objective is that Kindiedays is the center’s long-term solution and platform where other suppliers also come in and strengthen the overall solution. 

To help you renew the children's learning environment we additionally provide Themes-based lesson plans as well as Interactive online workshops to enable the best learning environment for the children. The workshops give you practical advice about how to apply the best practices and are run by preschool teachers with hands-on experience from Finnish classrooms.

Take the next steps together with Kindiedays

Think of the most crucial steps your center should take to renew the children's learning environment. Write them down and plan the most important ones and start your journey. With Kindiedays you can start by acquiring new lesson plans, joining our interactive online workshops, and including also the digital solution.

To give you a flying start, we have combined everything into a full-fledged program Kindiedays Pro. Together with you, we create a schedule over 3 to 5 months to set up a high-quality learning environment.

If you would like to explore how Kindiedays can be customized to meet your specific needs, why not book an online demo with our expert?


We look forward to assisting you in creating an exceptional learning environment for young minds.

Team Kindiedays

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