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Sunday, October 29, 2023

Introducing Kindiedays - where the magic of playful learning meets cutting-edge technology! 🌟✨

🇫🇮 Born from the globally acclaimed Finnish education system.

🚀 Every child deserves a high-quality education.
🚀 Helping preschools shine, fostering strong parent-educator collaboration, and prioritizing playful learning.
🚀 From being child-centric to ensuring quality, here to redefine early education.

Join the revolution and unlock the endless potential of playful learning! 🚀💡

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About Kindiedays

In a world where early childhood education holds the key to holistic development, Kindiedays provides a groundbreaking digital solution inspired by Finland's globally renowned education system. Born in 2015 out of the vision of two Finnish preschool professionals, Kindiedays aims to bring the best of playful learning to preschools worldwide.


Vision: Kindiedays believes that every child deserves a high-quality education. They emphasize the importance of early learning and position playful learning as the pathway to success.


Mission: Their mission revolves around helping preschools achieve their best:

  • Support: Elevating the standards of learning.
  • Collaborate: Building bridges with parents.
  • Succeed: Assisting preschools in realizing their dreams.

At its core, Kindiedays promotes pedagogical excellence in the spirit of the Finnish Way.


Values: Their values encapsulate their ethos:

  • Playful: Embracing the Finnish way of learning through play.
  • Child-centric: Recognizing the uniqueness of every child's developmental pace.
  • Flexible: Offering adaptable solutions to fit every culture and child.
  • Quality-oriented: Leveraging data for systematic learning and leading.
  • Helpful: Establishing themselves as an indispensable partner for educators, managers, and parents.


What Kindiedays Offers:

  • Digital Tools: Empower educators with digital tools that not only support children's learning but also facilitate communication with families. This also helps in streamlining daily routines, ensuring every child's learning journey is maximized.
  • Manager Web App: This app is designed for preschools to achieve their fullest potential. It provides educators with tools for creating an ideal learning environment and offers insightful reports for continuous improvement. Moreover, it establishes trust with parents by showcasing excellent pedagogy and care.
  • Family App: A platform that bridges the gap between educators and parents. Through this app, parents can stay updated about their child’s learning experiences via photos, videos, notes, and learning objectives. It also features automatically generated portfolios and reports to highlight a child's progress.
  • Educator App: Designed to ensure a structure for playful learning, this app allows educators to use a pre-installed curriculum, document learning moments with photos, videos, and notes, and save time on planning with comprehensive lesson plans.


Playful Learning: The Heart of Kindiedays

  • Over 300 experiential lesson plans spread across three levels, catering to children aged 1 to 6.
  • The lesson plans focus on five learning areas, encompassing a whopping 166 pedagogical objectives, all rooted in the Finnish National Curriculum for Early Childhood and Care.
  • Special lessons for particular occasions further ensure a holistic learning approach.


Learn from Finland's Best Practices:

With interactive workshops focusing on significant early childhood education topics like linguistic development, STEM, planning, documentation, and parents as partners in early learning, educators globally can benefit from Finland's world-class education practices.

In an era where the foundation years play a pivotal role in shaping futures, Kindiedays stands as a beacon of innovation, aiming to bring the Finnish Way of playful learning to every corner of the world.

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