How to meet parents' demand - Part 2

Tuesday, April 19, 2022

In Finland, children learn through play and we don't score children! So how can the parents be sure that their child is developing and learning, while also having fun? Parents want to be engaged and confident that the preschool provides high-quality education. But the daily face-to-face meetings between educators and parents are so hectic. There is simply so little time and so much to tell and discuss concerning the child's learning journey.  A better approach is needed.

How to go forward?

Planning and pedagogical documentation are the basis for high-quality education. A consistent learning process throughout the year is required as the foundation for engaging the parents and making the child's learning journey visible to them.

Lack of time is a challenge in childcare centers all over the world and therefore digital solutions help a lot with daily collaboration. With a digital solution such as Kindiedays Pedagogical Management Solution, you can share the child's learning journey both in real-time and in the form of automatically collected portfolios and reports. No need to hassle with pen and paper anymore. Educators save time and families find all the important information in one place.

With the learning process and foundation in place, you can offer the parents superior ways to stay engaged and confident.

Promise this to the parents to gain their confidence in your preschool!

Wondering what your child is up to while in preschool? With the Kindiedays Family App you will always stay in the loop. You can send and receive messages from your center, keep a close look at their learning in real-time, and much more.         

Don’t miss those precious moments

Follow your child’s learning in real-time with photos, videos, notes, and learning objectives. Continue the discussion at home. All information is also collected in your child's portfolio that your center will provide.

Share updates with other relatives by including them in Kindiedays.This way also a grandmother that lives at a distance can be more closely engaged with her child’s day-to-day.

Review portfolios and developmental reports in parent-teacher discussions

While the children’s activities and observations are shared in real-time with the parents through Kindiedays App, the parent-educator discussion typically happens once in three to six months. Here the child's portfolios and reports are reviewed and the next steps in the child’s developmental journey are planned together. 

Child portfolios are the compilation of the teacher observation posts made in Kindiedays application. The portfolio can be created for a specific period to discuss a child's progress with parents. 

Learning reports are snapshots of where each child is on his or her educational journey. They are not meant to measure how ‘good’ or ‘bad’ a child is in a particular area of learning, but a 360-degree look into the children’s developmental journey. 

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Kindiedays Portfolio is a leading-edge tool for documenting and assessing children's learning


  • Lead the learning with your own curriculum or one of our preinstalled packages. 
  • Empower your staff to focus on the children’s education. 
  • Use formative assessment for learning to ensure consistent quality.
  • Engage families and show them evidence of children's learning.


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