4 ways to drive your preschool's quality, growth, and revenues

Monday, May 6, 2024

At Kindiedays, we are committed to supporting the growth and prosperity of your preschool business.

We are thrilled to introduce our latest offering, Kindiedays Pro Program created to help you empower teachers, provide joyful learning, engage families, and increase admissions.  The program is developed based on best practices from Finland to address the challenges and opportunities in renewing early childhood education. 

Here is how...

Charting Your Path to Success with a Step-by-step program



Let's start by building the foundation...

1. Develop and Cultivate Teacher Professionalism, Dedication, and Retention

As a preschool owner, you understand the importance of securing and retaining exceptional teaching talent:

  • Research has proven that a strong onboarding process and integration increases retention significantly.
  • Providing affordable resources such as interactive workshops, holistic playful lesson plans, a structured curriculum, and a digital platform, empowers your managers and teachers to thrive. 
  • This investment creates a culture of professionalism, team spirit, and loyalty among your team, thus reducing turnover rates, keeping costs down, and ensuring sustained excellence. 


2. Differentiate and Stand Out in the Competitive Preschool Market

Ultimately, the true measure of success for your preschool lies in the future achievements and well-being of your students:

  • Through our holistic and playful curriculum and targeted enrichment programs, we ensure that children develop the skills and competencies to excel academically and socially. 
  • Kindiedays Pro is designed to support you in preparing children to reach their next educational milestones and gain admission to premier K-12 schools.


3. Exceed Parent’s Expectations for Superior Education, Care, and Security

At Kindiedays, we recognize that satisfied parents are the cornerstone of a successful preschool business:

  • Providing a high-quality educational experience and fostering collaboration between teachers and parents ensures that parents feel engaged, informed, and satisfied with your preschool’s services.
  • Parents will see the value of your service during the preschool visits and spread the word about your preschool’s warm and child-centered playful learning. 


4. Drive New Admissions and Revenue Growth

Kindiedays Pro isn't just about enhancing educational quality; it's also about driving real financial results for your preschool:

  • Investing in the learning environment and your teachers' professional development empowers them to deliver an exceptional educational experience that attracts more parents to your preschool.
  • Kindiedays Pro builds on research and best practices from Finland flexibly adapted to meet your country's curriculum and cultural needs. Kindiedays has already been delivered to 26 countries globally.



Charting Your Path to Renewal

Kindiedays Pro represents a strategic investment in the growth and success of your preschool business:

Our team of experts from Finland will together with you assess your current strengths and areas for improvement, identify key priorities, and outline actionable steps to achieve your renewal goals.

As a result, your professional team will be able to provide and market high-quality services that attract parents and secure growth in admissions and revenues.


Elevate Your Preschool Business with Kindiedays Pro Program

Expect empowered teachers, joyful learning, engaged families, and increased admissions.

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PS Watch the Kindiedays Pro Video here to get an overview.