For quality education, learning activities must be goal-oriented and run in a purposeful manner

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

How to get there depends on your starting point and the state of guidelines for early childhood education in your country. Often this is referred to as the “curriculum”, but the term itself has different meanings in different countries or even between professionals themselves.



In Finland the national / city / kindergarten specific curriculum means a guideline of how to work and sets the pedagogical objectives. It doesn't specify milestones for children's learning or lesson plans that should be run.

Some other countries consider the word curriculum as a syllabus consisting of preplanned lesson plans for a term. While other countries see curriculum as a set of milestones / learning objectives that children should get to practice and reach.

None of these alone gives a complete answer for how to go ahead to provide quality education!



No matter what curriculum means to you or in which country you live in:

For quality education, teaching activities must be goal-oriented and organized in a purposeful manner.

Building on your starting point and expanding it, you should take the whole learning process into consideration:

  1. Set the pedagogical objectives for children’s learning.
  2. Plan the lessons to match the objectives, taking children's interests into consideration.
  3. Observe and document the learning moments and engage families.
  4. Assess and reflect on the learning and plan future learning.




Kindiedays supports the whole learning process in a flexible way so you can build on what you already have in place.

First, Kindiedays can offer the Finnish curriculum’s pedagogical objectives that in addition to children’s own interests guide the activity planning. But you can also use your own pedagogical objectives as starting point.

Second, Kindiedays also offers lesson plans that match with the goals set within the different learning areas. But you can use your existng lesson plans as well.,

Third, Kindiedays offers a complete digital/mobile solution to support children’s learning and cooperation with families.

In order to offer children goal-oriented and purposeful activities, teachers need to keep track of what type of activities the children have been accomplishing, how the children are playing and what skills they are currently practising. For this Kindiedays Portfolio learning supports the documentation of the activities and the holistic implementation of the pedagogical objectives.

Kindiedays Portfolio helps preschools support children's whole learning process, so that:

  • Every child gets to reach their personal best.
  • Families are confirdent that children learn.
  • The preschool can run a competitive and succesful business.


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