Add math into child's day with these tips

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Studies show that a child's math skills at the start of kindergarten are a better predictor of future academic success than reading skills, social skills, or the ability to focus, says Laura Overdeck, the founder of Bedtime Math Foundation.

Therefore, it is important to help children to get comfortable with math concepts like measuring and counting at home.

With these tips you can add some math to your child’s day!

+ Bake & count

It is impossible not to use math when you’re baking. You start by counting the baking supplies: how many eggs do we have? How many measuring cups or bowls do we need? If the children require more challenge, try doubling or halving recipes and measuring a ½ cup or a ¼ teaspoon.

Discuss: How many cookies you think we can make out of this dough? Bake and see!

+ Move & measure

Organize Home Olympics and see how many jumping jacks you can do or how far you can throw the ball! With this activity measuring distances and heights is fun and sweaty even! Come up with your own sports and make sure to write the results down after measuring.

Discuss with your child: How far can you throw a ball? Take a guess, then throw the ball as far as you can and measure the distance.

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+ Build & add  

Big or small, any project that involves measuring includes adding. Legos and other building toys are awesome for bringing numbers and spatial thinking into playtime. If you want to make it big, try building a small house out of boxes or even a real tree house outside!

Discuss: How high can you build that lego tower? How many legos do you need to make a lego house?

+ Eat & count

When you are getting ready for a family dinner, there are plenty of math concepts that can be involved in the process. Have your child help set the table and count how many plates, napkins and forks you will need.

Discuss: Organize a teddy bear picnic in your living room! How many plates, napkins and forks you are going to need for your child’s favorite stuffed animals?

+ Sleeping & shapes 

Families often read a bedtime story to their children at night. Simple way to add math into bedtime is to ask the child to choose three books. While you are reading, add some shapes along. Try to look for shapes from the pictures of the book or from the child's room. 

Discuss: Can you see a rectangle in the room? How many circles can you see in the room? How many teddy bears etc. are there in this book? 

Happy math time!

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