Are you the Owner, Manager, or Educator in a preschool or a kindergarten?

Support learning in a way you can be proud of


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🌟 What you get as an Owner, Manager, or Educator of a preschool πŸŒŸ

You can choose one or more workshops for playful learning in the early years:

  1. The strength of Finnish early education
  2. Linguistic development
  3. Diverse expression skills
  4. Community studies
  5. STEM
  6. Growth and movement
  7. Learning environment - inspiration from the Finnish classrooms
  8. Planning, documentation, and assessment
  9. Parents as Partners in early learning

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πŸ“… Scope of a workshop πŸ“…

  • ​Live interactive online training 2 hours plus Q&A 30 minutes
  • Up to 50 participants from your team
  • Certification of attendance
  • The price is 300 Euro per workshop

πŸ“š How It Works πŸ“š

  • Fill in your contact details. 
  • Choose the topic or topics you are interested in.
  • The request for proposal does not commit you to anything.
  • We will contact you to set up the training at a time convenient for you.

PS We use your contact information only concerning your interest in Kindiedays.

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